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Real estate is a personal business. Bringing buyers and sellers together is our fundamental purpose. Nothnagle REALTORS' greatest asset is our team of trained professionals. Their broad knowledge, experience, hard work, dedication to service and ongoing real estate training combined with our many innovative marketing tools, produce the cumulative results that make Nothnagle REALTORS a success. For this reason, we have been a recognized leader in the real estate industry for over 67 years.

A person's reputation in real estate is built on integrity, skill, and effectiveness. Since 1948, our name has been synonymous with real estate in upstate New York, proudly serving generations of families.

Buyers and sellers turn to us because they know Nothnagle will handle their property transaction with complete satisfaction. Sales professionals are drawn to us by our outstanding reputation. We listen to our community. Simply put, our promise is to provide extraordinary service to meet the needs of our customers better than anyone else, and we do!

Nothnagle Blog for Mar 27, 2015

10 Things to Do to Prep Your Home for the Market

Minimize Things – Buyers are looking for places to store their own belongings. If your home looks cluttered and the closets are overflowing, it will give the buyer the impression the house is too...

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Nothnagle Agents Get More

When Nothnagle agents get more, Nothnagle buyers and sellers get more too! Nothnagle agents are backed by a wealth of support, tools and technology so they can provide the best possible service to you, our clients. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, work with a Nothnagle agent and get the most resources to make your move quick and hassle-free.

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