100% Money Back Guarantee

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Nothnagle Realtors 100% Money Back Guarantee

Buy or Sell With Confidence With Nothnagle's 100% Money Back Guarantee

If the buyer of a guaranteed home listed by Nothnagle is not satisfied, we will buy back the home for 100% of its purchased price.*

Benefits Home Sellers

  • Sets the home apart from others on the market.
  • Buyers are comfortable with a guarantee of knowing that Nothnagle believes in the value of the home.
  • Results in homes selling faster than competing properties.
  • Results in homes selling for the highest market value.

Benefits Home Buyers

  • Gives buyers confidence in the value of the home they are purchasing.
  • Overcomes many objections to buying.
  • Reassures out-of-state buyers who are unsure of neighborhoods or markets.
  • Gives confidence to increase the offer to meet the seller's price.
  • Shows that, unlike any other real estate company, Nothnagle stands behind the value of the home for 100% of the value.

See your Nothnagle sales associate for details.

*Certain restrictions apply.

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