Becoming a Homeowner

Decision to buildQualifying for a mortgageSelecting a builderPlan/feature selectionHome ownership
Decision to build Qualifying for a mortgage Selecting a builder Plan/feature selection Home ownership


As an excited new homeowner, you’re eager to follow the progress of your home being built. Generally, builders welcome your participation and enthusiasm. For safety reasons, you should call your representative to make an appointment to view the actual construction site. If you have any questions or concerns that arise during the building phase, be sure to address them with your representative. The builder will also pass on to you any warranties by manufacturers, suppliers, etc. for products and services that went into the construction of the home.

Typically, a few days prior to taking ownership, your builder will invite you to a “final walk through” your new home. Anything that is not to your satisfaction should be discussed and documented at this time. Minor items will be rectified before you move in. However, in some cases you may need to utilize a Home Warranty Program.

Preparing to Move

Time is at a premium when you're building a home. That's where Nothnagle Home Services helps. Whatever you need -- from movers, utility hookups, address changes, appliances, and landscaping -- a Home Service Coordinator helps you settle into your new home with ease. You'll enjoy convenience and savings before, during, after your move, and for years to come with your free membership.

Home Warranty

To ensure an amicable relationship between homebuyers and builders, the Warranty programs rely on a third-party process for dispute resolution. Nothnagle REALTORS’ offers HomeTrust Warranty, which protects you and your family against financial setbacks due to costly repair or replacement of covered appliances and major systems. The HomeTrust Warranty protects the buyer for a full year, beginning the day of closing. With so many unknowns, a HomeTrust Warranty gives you peace-of-mind.


On the date determined on your purchase offer/contract, you will meet with the closing attorney, sign papers, and pay closing costs. You are now the proud owner of your brand new home. Congratulations!

After Closing

Your builder wants you to be satisfied. Upon possession, take the opportunity to communicate any concerns. Nothnagle doesn't stop there! We continue to work for you even after you're in your new home. Whether you want to add a deck, window treatments, or decorate with new furniture, we are your one-stop service center. Save on all of the products and services that transform a house into a home through your Home Services membership. You can continue to use the program, free of charge, for as long as you own your home.

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