Attic to Basement Solutions (Rochester)

Dedicated to proactive testing for mold regardless of whether you are buying, selling or seeking to eliminate unhealthy conditions in the home.

Established in 1975 in the Greater Rochester area. Attic and Basement Solutions specializes in mold testing in both attics and basements. Services also include basement waterproofing and attic ventilation work. Attic to Basement Solutions is a family owned business where you work directly with the owner. All work is guaranteed.

Areas of Work:

Attic- Ventilation, Mold Elimination, Bathroom fan vent installation, Insulation
Basement- Mold Elimination, Drylock Waterproofing, Tear outs, Clean outs
Other Services- Household Cleanouts, Dumpster Service


"Thanks to Jamie Coonan of Attic and Basement Solutions. He not only responded quickly but was able to get very prompt lab results for an urgent medical situation. So glad to have the information accessible through Client Perks and to have such a good service provider." Holly Harvey (Nothnagle Lakeville office)

"Jamie Coonan saves the day! Thank you Jamie for being a Superman!" C. Remley, (Nothnagle Penfield office)

Services Offered

Baffle Installation

Basement Waterproofing

Bath Fans Vented to exterior

Demolition of Water Damaged Basements

Fiberglass Insulation

Insulation Sales & Installation

Interior Junk Removal

Mold mitigation, sealed and encapsulated

Mold Testing

Roll Off Containers

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If you would like more information call us at  585-286-2947
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