5081 Bolivar Road, Scio, NY 14895MLS# R1056438
List Price:$90,000
Listing Status:Active
Located In:Scio
Zip Code:14895
Square Ft:Approx. 4,864 sq ft
Acres:Approx. 2.40 acres
Year Built:1960
This commercial property sits on the hill on Bolivar Road and is adjacent to a 6 unit apartment complex. It has been vacant for a few years and needs some repair to the exterior, however there are 19 units which are all in surprisingly good shape with some plumbing repair needed to several of the motel baths. This property is completely furnished and includes everything needed to run as a motel. The rooms are equipped with tv's mini fridge's, coffee pots, phones, etc. All bedding is included. There are living quarters incorporated into the property for the owners, or it could be used as an apartment rental. Also Rental #19 is also a furnished apartment.
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